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Sep 18
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Taking pictures in Prague's downtown

May be you asking yourself what have Prague"s historical center common with Taekwon-do? Practically nothing until Sonkal"s Girls are not on streets and our photo equipment with them. How it was going you can check at 115 chosen photos.

Be sure we continue during Spring ;)

28.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     115 (hi-res)
Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration

Photos now, info later.

Video with Sonkal 2009 & footage of demonstration are available in video gallery.

Look at 98 photos in made by Martin Hudák (server

Download from video gallery video with footage with demonstration of korean team in Norway 1984. After 25 years is this document quite unique because you can see Master Hwang Ho-yong in early taekwondo years. You can also see presentani of Master Kim Ung-chol (living long time in Bulgaria) and Master Ri Yong Sok, who tragically died last year. Rim Yong-chol and Kim Sam-dok are last two members of team..

27.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     98
Tests for black belts

Photos now, info later.

Check 359 photos taken during degree test.

26.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     359
Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration

At following two movies you can see how was Sonkal"s year 2009 and also what spectators were able to see during Christmas demonstration.

Other movie is footage with demonstration of korean team in Norway 1984. After 25 years is this document quite unique because you can see Master Hwang Ho-yong in early taekwondo years. You can also see presentani of Master Kim Ung-chol (living long t

25.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     3
National technical course with Master Hwang Ho-yong

The next nationwide seminary with Master Hwang Ho-Yong took place in Nymburk on December, 19, 2009. It was not only the last seminary with the Master in this year but also the last before Master’s departure to Korea.

We moved to Nymburk in two cars (our in their Skoda, the rest of the group used a comfortable minivan). After a short ride we exchanged our clothes for well-ironed doboks in a tiny unisex cloakroom and went to the hall.

The seminary was attended by more than a hundred taekwondists from the whole Czech Republic and also by two guys from the Taekwondo Academy Slovakia. That amount filled the hall until its capacity and hence those in back rows probably hadn’t have enough space for exercising, good lookout to the front and sufficient acoustic conditions (estimated by my own experience while exercising approximately in the middle of the hall). Let it be a motivation for further training and gaining higher belt/degree and thus better place in the crowd.

The seminary was split into two two-hour blocks; the morning part was devoted to applications of basic techniques in pairs or triples (i.e. practicing skills known from patterns with an opponent), the afternoon part, that after finishi

25.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     91 (hi-res)

Třeboň Open - youth, junior and senior (tul, matsogi, t-ki & wirok)
( info pack, application form )

Look at 289 photos from first annual international championship Trebon Open.

9.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     289
Tests for color belts

Check the latest 102 photos from Sonkal"s test for higher color belts.

8.12.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     102
2nd national competition of CYT

Look at 172 photos from Saturday"s young talentes in Frýdek-Místek.

30.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     172
Třeboň Open - youth, junior and senior (tul, matsogi, t-ki & wirok)
( info pack, application form )
Next week will be held first annual Trebon Open in beautiful city Trebon. We remind dead line for applications - Monday, November 30. Info pack a application form for sure.
24.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel  
10th Fighter's Budoshow

On Saturday November 21 was organized 10th annual Fighter"s Budoshow in sport hall of Sparta Praha. In more than three our programme were mixed many kinds of interesting demonstrations. Taekwon-do ITF wasn"t missing due participants from Sonkal.

Check out video gallery for movie with Sonkal"s demonstration.

22.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     213
10th Fighter's Budoshow

Today presented members of our club at 10th annual Fighter"s Budoshow in Prague. You can see footage.

21.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     2
Czech Republic Championship of youth, juniors, seniors and veterans

Sunday, November 13. Alarm ringing, sun slowly rising and Prague waking up to other nice sunny day. It is common day of relax for some people, but for few it is day of stress, think of how surprisingly this day will end. Yes, it is day D, flash-point of everyday, lifelong hard work on oneself. Everyone had to pass hours and hours of trainings to have chance to succeed. So come together to see, how did they cope with this chance :o)

After Prague local championship, place of competition moved to Nymburk sport hall. Nice multipurpose center, that host

18.11.2009, PAV  
Czech Republic Championship of youth, juniors, seniors and veterans

It is very difficult win, but repeat it is much more. And we did this year :) Sonkal has one more national champion than last year: Lukáš Veverka - Czech national champion - youth male Kristýna Hudková - Czech national champion - junior female B Aneta Hemerová - Czech national champion - junior female A

Three best schools of Czech nationals 2009: 1st place - Taekwon-Do ITF Sonkal Praha - 12-11-9 (gold-silver-bronze) 2nd place - Tong-Il České Budějovice - 9-5-13 3rd place - Koguryo Třebíč - 8-4-4

15.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     492
II. Prague's regional competition

First Sunday in November was organized second round of competition of Prague"s region by Toi-Gae school. Not only for Sonkal"s competitors it was very good test before upcoming Czech national championship. About 60 competitors from 6 schools fought together in pattern, sparring and special techniques. Competion run very smoothly and level was very good.

Look at 139 photos and very soon points for Sonkal"s competitors will be added.

10.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     139
XXXIV. Sonkal sportcamp

Today you can look on main photo set from Sonkal"s camp in Solenice. Pictures are taken during training sessions from first till fifth day. There are together 139 photos.

1.11.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     139
Sonkal's course for trainers

On Saturday October 24 was held next club"s course in gym of Vybiralova school. Theme was close combat. We bring you more info in article by monika Junova.

27.10.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     37
16th World senior championship

For start we chose Juche tul. This pattern was the biggest enemy of Czech senior male team in final match againg DPR Korea. We bring you whole match with all four patterns.

Tomorrow you can enjou for more.

25.10.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     20
16th World senior championship

Photos from technical & umpire course, sightseeing city and four days of tournament we start publish on Sunday night (18th October).

Look at first photo set with 93 pictures from our first sight seeing around Sankt Peterburg.

Second photo set with 87 photos is available. It contains pictures from technical course with Master Hwang Ho-yong.

Today we made third set with 106 photos from our second trip around Sankt Peterburg. We paid visit on legendary cruiser Aurora and Petro-Pavlovsk fortress.

Fourth photo set is completed, you can see 799 photos from first day of Championship. Don"t forget check Sonkal"s website tomorrow and also on Sunday because we have photos from another three days of tournament!

Fifth and also the last photo set consists 540 photos. There are tournament days number 2, 3 & 4. You can see pictures from sparring, self-defense, special techniques and power breaking. We bring you interesting movies from world championship in short time!

In video gallery you can find first movie from Championship. We chose match between Czech Republic and DPR Korea in team pattern.

Today we start publish movies from World Championship, every day you will find one new movie. Check video gallery.

14.10.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     1625
Marriage of Martin Svitek & Dina Chmaitilli

Martin Svitek (3rd Dan), the member of Sonkal got married last Friday (25.9.2009) at 11:30 am. Everything happened on the terrace of Mozart villa. Martin Svitek and Dina Chmaitilli promised to each they will always love each other and they will live together forever.

There were a lot of members of family and also there were a lot of friends and taekwondo bodies and funs. Some of their friends were also the members of taekwondo family in the past. For example we recognized Martin Hlůže and others.

We wish them the best on their way of life.

Look at 62 photos in your gallery.

30.9.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     62
Ladronkafest (www)
presentation and demonstration of Taekwon-do

After photo set we made also video from our morning demonstration on Ladronkafest.

27.9.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     1
Ladronkafest (www)
presentation and demonstration of Taekwon-do

We have been offered to be part of big leisure time festival called Ladronkafest. We had happily accepted.

First demonstration was before noon and the other one during evening with colors of sunset. It is not worth of describing our superstar demonstration (if we won’t mention my not so superstar special techniques at the end), because you have to see it. Though there were some mistakes when I look at faces of people in audience, it was evident that Sonkal made it once again.

We had f

23.9.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     257
XXXIII. Sonkal sportcamp

During our last summer camp we again organized two traditional tournaments. First was dedicated to step sparring (white and yellow belts) and model sparring (higher belts). Second competition was nearly at the end of ten days camp and it was about comparation action sceneries, self-defense if you prefer.

Both tournamets were with great atmosphere, winners took a special prizes and all

6.9.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     2
XXXIII. Sonkal sportcamp

Look at first photo set from Sonkal"s ongoing summer camp in Male Svatonovice. It contains 212 photos and another we are going to compile and publish tomorrow because a free day with trip near watch tower and evening tournament in three step and model sparring!

Second photo set contains 55 photos and is online.

We have online third photo set with 187 photos. In spite of we had today free day, we paid visit to local watch tower and in the evening there was very nice tournament in three step sparring and model sparring. We would like appreciate all participants for their practise during competition. Michal Fuxa & Filip Morkovca won three step sparring category and Michal Zacharuk and Martin Benes model sparring. Look at photos and enjoy for video which will be available next week.

Photo set number 4 is available right now. What you will be able to find on pictures? Photos from Thursday"s morning and afternoon trainings where we repeated patterns from Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo, multi kicks on pads and also special techniques on pads. Today we had also great tournament in Tekken. Both winners were awarded with special T-shirt with label "Master of Tekken 2009". In youth category won as last year Daniel Dvorak with no mercy to opponents. Older category won Martin Benes.

Last photo set from Sonkal"s summer camp is online from now. We broke 40.000 photos on our website and we are looking for number 50.000 :-)

25.8.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     704

15th Junior, 24th Senior & 1st Veteran European Championship

Today we start publish first movies from this year European championship which have been held in Slovinske Konjice. We want to start roughly so you can see 10 new movies! Another video you can expect during all week and we will check also our archive of years 2008 & 2007. In spite of summer holiday you can enjoy with a lot of new things on Sonkal"s website.

11.8.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     20

Summer camp with Master Hwang Ho-yong

This year’s summer camp was 7th in history and also seventh I have visited. Sklárna u Žihle is becoming traditional place for camp with our Master because of many advantages. Think about it: rope center (damn, how to say it in English properly?), laser game, swimming pond (yes, really pond, not pool ;o), small swimming pool, 3 sport grounds, gymnasium and pub together with nearly zero signal of all mobile operators (I found some signal on fifth floor balcony and men toilet in 3rd floor) is ultimate combination how to enjoy your taekwondo holiday. I don’t want to just throw out all information about camp, I just want to share my feelings and opinions why did I enjoy it and why do I think that more Sonkal members should come next year.

The camp is organized partly as training and partly as holiday. This is idea of our Master Hwang Ho-yong. One training a day only was most common argument why not to
7.8.2009, Martin Svitek  

Examination for I.-VI. dan

Martin Svitek, member of Sonkal, applied for III. dan. He successfuly passed his examination and we send warm congratulation. We would like also congratulate to Doctor Kanka (leader of Tong-Il Ceske Budejovice) who achieved VI. dan. He is first holder of VI. degree in Czech Taekwon-do Federation!

Look at 403 photos from examination for I.-VI. dan. Martin Svitek member of Sonkal applied for III. dan.

3.8.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     403
Photos shooting in Vrtbovska garden

Look at 170 photos from visit of Sonkal"s girls in Vrtboska garden.

All photos also available in high resolution! Link is bellow each photography.

20.6.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     170 (hi-res)

Sonkal's girls in fitness

Saturday 5th June morning belonged to shooting Sonkal"s girls during their training in Delta Fitness. Sonkal cooperates with Delta long time so we decided to do some pictures. Look at 161 photos.

19.6.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     161

Tests for color belts

Look at 57 photos from test for higher color belts, it was held in our gym on Cerny Most.

18.6.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     57

Taekwon-do demonstration at school's ball

February costume ball in Vybíralova primary school was one of event which our taekwondo school cannot miss. Brave team composed of Lukáš Legner, Martin Beneš, Pavel Šnábl, Monika Junová and Tomáš Vodička demonstrated mainly for youngest children (6-11 years), so it was rewarding event.

Lukáš introduced taekwondo and our school at the beginning, and then we show our

3.6.2009, Tomáš Vodička  
Taekwon-do tournament in Pečky

Look at 209 phots from tournament in Pečky.

23.5.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     209
15th Junior, 24th Senior & 1st Veteran European Championship

Look at first 235 pictures from technical course for umpires in Zreče and also for new 474 photos from championship. Together there are 709 photos.

Results of Czech national team member on Sunday: 2. place - team sparring junior female (Aneta Hemerová & Monika Junová) 2. place - team sparring senior male 3. place - team sparring junior male 3. place - team sparring senior female Ilona Hambergerová - the most successful senior female Josef Jarma - the most succhessful veteran male silver Czech Republic - 3. place in coutry overall with 12(13) golden, 14(14) silver a 17(17) bronze medals

Results of Czech national team member on Saturday: 3. place - Lucie Zedková, sparring senior female -57kg 3. place - Jana Hoňková, sparring senior female -63kg 1. place - Ilona Hambergerová, sparring senior female -69kg 3. place - Martin Kosík, sparring senior male -71kg 3. place - Jan Mraček, sparring senior male -85kg 2. place - Veronika Kokášová, special techniques junior female 1. place - special techniques team junior female (Aneta Hemerová & Monika Junová)

Results of Czech national team member on Thursday & Friday: 1. place - Adéla Grodová, pattern senior female I. dan 2. place - Jana Hoňková, pattern senior female II. dan 2. place - Lucie Zedková, pattern senior female III. dan 2. place - pattern team senior female 1. place - Ilona Hambergerová, special techniques senior female 3. place - special techniques team senior female 2. place - Juraj Hasík, pattern senior male I. dan 1. place - Jan Chaloupka, pattern senior male II. dan 3. place - Jan Mraček, pattern senior male III. dan 2. place - pattern team senior male 1. place - special techniques team senior male 1. place - pattern team junior female (Aneta Hemerová & Monika Junová) 2. place - Lucie Pavlásková, sparring junior female +70kg 1. place - Filip Šimeček, pattern junior male I. dan 2. place - Ondřej Mokrosch, pattern junior male I. dan 1. place - Jan Vrchovecký, pattern junior male II. dan 1. place - pattern team junior male 3. place - Ondřej Mokrosch, sparring junior male -63kg 3. place - Tomáš Jungwirth, sparring junior male -63kg 3. place - Josef Vacík, sparring junior male -75kg 1. place - Josef Jarma, veteran male silver pattern I. dan 1. place - Ivan Šípal, veteran male silver pattern III. dan 2. place - pattern team veteran male 2. place - Josef Jarma, sparring veteran male silver -73kg 1. place - Josef Jarma, power breaking veteran male silver 3. místo - self-defense junior mix (Aneta Hemerová & Monika Junová) 3. místo - self-defense junior male 2. místo - self-defense senior male 3. místo - self-defense senior mix

11.5.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     709
Course with Master Hwang Ho-yong for CYT members

We chose 87 photos from course with Master Hwang Ho-yong for Center young talentes members. Course take a place at Nymburk just one day after competition. There was more than 90 participants from yellow to black belt.

10.5.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     87 (hi-res)
1st national meeting of CYT

Now you can look at 190 photos from Friday"s meeting of Centers young talentes in Nymburk.

8.5.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     190
15th Junior, 24th Senior & 1st Veteran European Championship

One of 2009 top event in taekwondo will take place in Slovenia next week. City of Slovinske Konjice will host twenty-fourth senior and 15th junior European championship and as a premiere – First veteran European championship (there were 3 world championships in past). Further brand new aspects of competition will be senior categories of V. and VI. Dan and change in team rules (team may be built from up to 10 competitors). We think that this rule change means end of universal competitors with high standard in all categories and will improve medal income for countries with large number of competitors. Last news is adding one competition day (from 3 to 4, 14.-17. of May).

European championship returns back to Slovenia after 12 years. This time in Zreče and Konjice. First will provide accommodation and facilities for meetings and registration. Championship itself will be held in Konjice. Organizers introduced interesting idea. There will be 5 web cameras. Online videos will be available at Championship website.

Monday (11/5/09) is the day when Czech national team will move to Slovenia. Sonkal will have 2 students (ok, girls again :o) there. Check what they will compete in Aneta Hemerová Female junior pattern I. dan Female junior sparring -52kg Self-defence mix Team pattern Team sparring Team special techniques Monika Junová Female junior pattern I. dan Female junior sparring -58kg Female junior special techniques Self-defence mix Team pattern Team sparring Team special techniques

Three referees will be send from Czech Republic, one of them is Ondřej Vrábel (IV. Dan), Sonkal instructor.

We wish Aneta and Monika good luck and some medals. So we cross our finger for national team and twice as much for our girls :o)

We will try to share current information online and look forward to pack of photos and videos after Championship.

6.5.2009, Ondřej Vrábel  
Bohemia Championship kids, juniors and seniors

We prepared 301 photos from Bohemia Championshiop which took a place in Nymburk today.

25.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     301
Amateur aerobic Petřiny cup
We promised yesterday we will make movie with our demonstration of Taekwon-do at aerobik competition. So here we go.
20.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     1
Czech Open 2009 (info pack)
kids, juniors & seniors
We made six movies from finales matches of Czech Open 2009.
20.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     6
Amateur aerobic Petřiny cup

Right now you can look at 70 photos from Sonkal"s demonstration and video will be available very soon!

19.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     70
XXXII. Sonkal sportcamp

Look at 147 photos from our spring camp!

15.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     147
Tests for black belts

On Sunday 5th April applied 5 Sonkal"s members for their black belts. Jaroslav Kubricht, Pavel Loupal & Martin Beneš requested I. dan, Petr Legner II. dan and Vladimír Švanda III. dan. They were successful so we can congratulate for new belts!

You can see 379 photos from complete test.

9.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     379
Czech Open 2009 (info pack)
kids, juniors & seniors

Next Czech Open took place in Nymburk this Saturday. Thirteen foreign clubs from 10 countries took part this year. Namely England, Croatia, Estonia, Greenland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Scotland and Switzerland. Comparing to last year, there were less kids, but increase of competitors between juniors and seniors. More than 16 competitors were in nearly all black belts categories. Seniors had these divided patterns categories – I.dan, II.dan, III. + IV. Dan. So audience had lot of interesting matches and duels to watch.

Sonkal sent 18 competitors. Despite of fact that few started in higher age category for the first time (Michal Hamouz, Saša Reynaudová) all fought with dete

8.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     250
International instructor course & coach technical seminar with Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. degree) (preliminary info)

Today you can look at photos from first day of seminary with Master Hwang Ho-yong which take a place in Nymburk last week. On Tuesday will be available photos from day 2.

And now day 2, it is Friday and 183 photos within.

6.4.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     284
Czech Open 2009 (info pack)
kids, juniors & seniors

Traditional international open tournament Czech open is getting closer. This year tournament will be held in different place – Nymburk.

There is 12 clubs from 10 countries registered nowadays : England – Aylestone Leicester, 2 competitors Croatia – Metalac, 8 competitors Estonia – Estonian Taekwon-do union, 17 competitors Greenland – ITF Greenland, 1 competitor Poland - Klub Sportów Walki “Avasatare” BrzegDolny, 4 competitors Netherlands – Taekwon-do International Netherlands, 9 competitors Slovenia – Skula Velenje, 7 competitors Slovenia – Sun Braskovče, 8 competitors Slovakia – Academy Slovakia, 12 competitors Slovakia – Nitra, 10 competitors Scotland – ITF Scotland, 10 competitors Switzerland – TKD Baden, 4 competitors

More foreign black belts are registered compared to last year, so we hope that quality will increase.

Czech taekwondoists together with Czech national team with considerable number of foreign competitors are promise of high level of whole event. This tournament is considered to be the start of long-term training camp for European championship in Slovinske Konjice in May.

All competitors and guest may look forward to nice hall in Nymburk, good food, accommodation in hall´s sport center for majority of them. Schedule should be well-going because of 5 tatamis.

There are 278 competitors from 30 clubs who applied into tournament!

We invite all of Taekwon-do fans especially for final matches from 18:00. See you soon.

23.3.2009, Ondřej Vrábel  
I. Prague's regional competition

We bring you today 217 photos from Prague"s competition. More information will be available later.

16.3.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     217
Nitra Cup (info pack)

Three cars with few of Sonkal competitors left Prague after Friday lunch heading to Slovakia. They represented our taekwon-do school at Nitra Cup.

Journey was deadly long so we took some rest eating few chickens in Brno KFC. We got to our four-wheel darlings after crispy wings and chips (ok, Kristýna took just vegetable salad – healthy food rules :o) and continued to Slovakia. We got there at about 7 P.M. After short stray we got to

4.3.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     252
Carnival tournament

Four Sonkal girls went to Carnival cup in Borovany on Saturday (28/2/09). None of us liked early morning alarm clock ringing, but it was worth of doing. Journey was sleepy, but we found out some new info about us.

Tournament itself started with kids patterns. Two of us – Kristýna Hudková and Alexandra Reynaudová started in this part. Alexand

3.3.2009, HUD     184
Nitra Cup (info pack)

It was first time competing demonstration of self-defense at Slovakia just during 3rd Nitra Cup. System of competion was little bit modified but both of them were very nicely performed. Crowd gave big applause.

26.2.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     1
Sonkal's course for trainers

We attended another one Saturday seminary after two month break. Martin Svitek led it this time. He calls it "rolling". In fact, it is fighting on the floor. May be you think it is not Taekwon-do any more, but it is not true entirely. It is one of not very often practiced forms of hosinsool.

Martin can do his groundwork pretty good. He says that somebody who practices Taekwon-do probably wouldn"t try to get the fight to the floor, but he can easily get there. He would be prepared to figure out this situation. He would try to stand up and use his best techniques – kicks and punches to defeat his rival.

Overall, I evaluate the seminary as very successful. I think we had a great opportunity to learn a few new and useful things.

gdz (Petr Legner)

16.2.2009, Petr Legner     49
2nd Budweis Fight Cup

Four competition enthusiasts from Sonkal visited first tournament of year 2009 in our country (24/1/09). Budweis Fight Cup took place in České Budějovice.

Schedule started with kid patterns. Lukáš Veverka did good job and got great 2nd place. Kristýna and Verča were allowed to compete in kids what meant gold for Verča and bronze for Kristýna.

Lukáš Veverka star

29.1.2009, Ondřej Vrábel     134
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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