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Sep 18
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11th Budoshow
We prepared christmas gift for you. It is movie with demonstration by Taekwon-do Club Brno during 11 annual Budoshow in Brno. Ahother demonstrations are available bellow!
24.12.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     7
Sonkal's course for trainers

Once again, Sonkal instructors and candidates for this role came together on Saturday, 20/12/2008, at an irregular seminar designated for improving our skills in various areas and practicing some advanced techniques. This seminar, led by Vladimir Svanda (II.dan), was devoted to self-defense, in particular to basics of throws, tumbles and armbars. This session should pick up again with the previous one; however we spent almost all time with repeating techniques.

After a body warm-up we had started with some gymnastics followed by series of falls to various directions. Afterwards, we tried some knock-downs (here, let me mention my personal remark - it"s really not easy to beat down an 130kg chunk; in a real situation I"d choose another solution of such conflict :). Last part of the session was spent by some armbars and armlocks (aiming all arm parts; from wrists to shoulders).

By my opinion, the seminar was very interesting especially due to Vlada"s experience and his ability to explain the key points of all techniques. I believe that the next session will be at least such contributing as this one and we learn again something new.

22.12.2008, Ondřej Vrábel  
Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration

We prepared 75 photos from Sonkal"s club christmas demonstration for now. In our video gallery you can already find movie with special cut of Sonkal"s activities in this year - 2008. Footage from demonstration is already available in video gallery!

21.12.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     75

National technical course with Master Hwang Ho-yong

83 photos from national course with Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. dan). Info will be added during Christmas.

20.12.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     83
Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration

At first we would like to show you traditional movie of Sonkal year 2008. Second movie is special cut from whole Taekwon-do demonstration.

18.12.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     2
11th Budoshow

We took 394 photos in Brno.

In video gallery you can find first movie from Budoshow in Brno. We chose Taekwon-do demonstration performed by Brno"s club of course.

There are available another movies in video gallery. You can look at presentation of Capoeira, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Musado MCS, Viet Vo Dao, Freestyle or Special unit of Czech Police.

3.12.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     394
9th Fighter's Budoshow

On Saturday"s afternoon members of Sonkal participated in 9th Fighter"s Budoshow. Movie with our demonstration you will find bellow and there are also vids of Capoeira, Taekwondo WTF and Tai-ji.

24.11.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     4

9th Fighter's Budoshow

336 photos and movies in our video gallery.

24.11.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     336

Czech Republic Championship of youth, junior, adult and senior

Our first choise was focused on finale matches in the Sunday"s afternoon program during Czech Republic Championship in Brno. Now you can see 5 movies. There are finale matches in senior male categories -71, -78 and +78 kg. There are also demonstrations in mix a male self-defense.

15.11.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     5
Czech Republic Championship of youth, junior, adult and senior

Our club won title of most successful club of Czech National Championship which took a place in Brno!

You can see 752 photos from whole tournament!

In video gallery you will find 5 movies from Sunday"s afternoon finales.

9.11.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     751
XXXI. Oddílové soustředění

Look at 108 photos from Autumn camp in Borotoin. Article will be added shortly.

2.11.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     108
Qualifying tournament of Pro Taekwondo

During last week Sonkal organized traditional autumn camp and we also pay visit at Maribor for qualifying tournament of Pro Taekwondo. 7 fighters from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria fought for one place in finale tournament which will be held in December at Zagreb, Croatia. We made 123 photos and you will be able to see how looks taekwondo in full contact version.

29.10.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     123

II. Prague's regional competition

You can look at complete photo set with 291 photos. Info will be added later.

18.10.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     291
International course with Grandmaster Park Joong-soo (IX. dan)

This trip started incidentally and with innocence. We chat with Tomáš Kuba (instructor in Náměšť nad Oslavou dojang) walking to cold green pond at this year summer camp with Master Hwang. Tomas told me that they (Tomas, Martin Zamecnik, Michal Bor) plan to visit China to take part in GM Park Jung-soo seminar. And because of fact that summer camp always gives me motivation to next year training and my (sometimes exaggerated) idealism and positivity touch the sky above, I said that I will go too. So I started to think where to get all the money :o) It was one of my long-lasting dreams to meet this grandmaster. Maybe it was in part because of my enthusiasm that 6 family members helped me financially, even these who I did not asked. So it shows that dreams may come true and the best time is right now :-).

My dream started to fade away after problems with accommodation booking and with Chinese emb

16.10.2008, Martin Svitek     27
Sonkal's course for trainers

Maybe you still remember that we had small trainers meeting before summer holiday to get new knowledge about self-defense and also train it a bit. I have to proudly say to skeptical ones that it wasn’t our last meeting because we met again and I have to say that it was worth of coming. This time Svíťa (Martin Svitek) took the lead and we had hard times. His and also ours goal was to learn something about short distance fighting and also ground fighting (choking, bars…). Lot of our readers will probably think that it has nothing to do with Taekwondo, but the fact that you learn to swim breast stroke doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to try the crawl – ok, not really the same thing. But I think that every try of learning something new and useful should be supported. At the end I have to say that we sweated a lot, bashed each other and also learnt something new. Unfortunately none of us was able to defeat Svíťa (even the „crazy motivated“ Godzilla – Petr Legner).

Jaroslav Kubricht

8.10.2008, KUB     11
2nd national competition of CYT

Twelve Sonkal younglings travelled to Frýdek-Místek on Friday 3 of October. Their goal was to meet with other talented youth organizations and compare their progress.

Saturday morning was time for kid’s patterns. Our best success was Lukáš Veverka, who won his category. Saša Reynaudová an

4.10.2008, JUN     339
8th juniors and 3rd veteran world championship

Monika’s point of view: Everything had started on Monday at Ruzyně Prague airport, where we spent few ours waiting, checking in and again waiting. It took about 2 hours of flight to reach Moscow. I don’t even know why we were so naive to looking forward modern airport with shops and restaurants. In contrast there were just broken walls, stink and hordes of people sleeping on English newspapers. Because we had to wait 4 hours there, there was no solution, but to find some newspaper and sit on old carpets. Then another 4 hours flight to Tashkent, another waiting for visa and filling in forms. After Moscow airport we were realistic and did not look forward to see our hotel, but what a surprise, everything pretty clean…..shower…bed…the best part of this day. Our first food in Tashkent was another surprise, both potatoes and meat had the same smell, ok…I ate melon only. Our great medic Hanka told us later what to be afraid of when eating local food, in summary we shouldn’t eat anything :o) But there were few of us that tried local cuisine and spent rest of our trip on toilet or asking for toilet paper.

We went to city second day, government part was nice, clean, rich. Rest of Tashkent was full of people with gold teeth and begging mothers with small children.

Tournament itself started on Thursday. Organization of event was another surprise – it was horrible. We expected experienced referees and good equipment (especially special techniques post!!!). I personally didn’t like opinion of referees in team patterns when they favourited „lazy“ rhythm of Russian team. It was also strange that referees did not care about attacking tool used in special techniques, if you moved the board you took points. They also allowed Korean competitor to touch the board and improve its position (it is against rules).

Despite all of this I have to say that I really enjoyed this week. I want to honestly thank to Ondra Vrábel and national team coaches for taking care of me and also Sonkal members who wished me luck and motivated me here on our website.


Aneta’s point of view:

When I was told that this year World championship will be at Uzbekistan, I did not know what to think about it. Most people kept saying that it is poor and kind of ugly country, but there were also some of my friends who were saying the opposite. So I was pretty confused :o)v

September 15 – This day was just about flying to Moscow and then to Tashkent and it made us totally exhausted. First surprise came in Moscow, waiting for our plane to Tashkent (Monča mentioned it above). Special bus waited for us in Tashkent to bring us to hotel, but without our luggage – second surprise. I was really scared how our hotel will look like after I saw the airport, but afterwards I have to say that there was no need to worry. Plenty of good-looking bad-smelling food was available in local restaurant, but because we were not allowed to eat most of it (thank you doctor) I ate just rice, melon, rice, melon, rice…and bit of meat :o)

We did sightseeing next day through old Tashkent, I liked it really much. We also used local underground and I have to say that nice glass chandeliers and other decorations surprised me a lot. We took part in the World championship opening ceremony in the afternoon.

Tournament itself started on Thursday. When you hear „World championship“ you expect best referees, organization, equipment….unfortunately reality was different. Special techniques posts look like „ready to break after next jump“ and referees probably never heard about attacking tool and which of them to use it in special techniques (again check Monika’s article).

I have started in sparring -58 kg and in team competition. We lost with Russian team in team patterns. I have to say that they practiced in way that made us nearly fall asleep. In team sparring Ukrainian team defeated us and we were not able to reach medal position even in special techniques. I lost with Croatian competitor in sparring, she then did really good and defeated also Korean competitor (what does not mean that I cannot defeat her next time). I am happy for such an experience, so I hope in improvements in next tournaments.

I enjoyed whole trip to Uzbekistan and I am thankful for opportunity to go there with national team. I thank to national team coaches for all trainings, to Ondra for his all-year care and trainings and to all of you who wished us luck.


There are 2009 photos related to World Championship in Uzbekistan!.

18.9.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     2009
XXX. Sonkal sportcamp

Training camp is here again. Saturday 24/8/08 – few tough Sonkal girls and boys travel by bus to Malé Svatoňovice near Trutnov. We chose our rooms and fill gym with our equipment just after arrival. Then we took lunch and I have to say that chef is improving year after year. Two ours break after lunch allowed us to prepare for first training and then it started – fundamental movements, patterns and some strengthening. Second training started moment after dinner and was dedicated to step sparring and patterns for next testing. Traveling and two trainings made us tired like dead so we enjoyed our beds soon.

Sunday morning training (which came after breakfast prepared by Theo and Věra Nováková – thanks to both of them!!!) was dedicated to f

27.8.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     630
XXX. Sonkal sportcamp

Just 7 days remains till our summer training camp in Malé Svatoňovice. This article shares just few information what participant will (and have to ?) go through.

- finally there will be more than 50 participants not only from Czech republic, but also from Slovakia and Switzerland - there will probably be 13 black belt holders what is our record (12 in year 2003) - trainings will be organized for two groups – lower grades 90 minutes training 2 times per day, higher grades 2 hours two times a day. We also plan few evening trainings focused on patterns - because breakfast is the most important of day, it will be prepared by our chef and chief Theo. Lunch and dinner will be served at local school - free day (not really free, I promise ;) ) will safe everyone who lacks energy - we again prepared many games and many rich prizes (financially or caloric :o), for example: model sparring competition action scenes competition – check videos from 2007, 2006 and 2005 taekwondo theory (divided into groups regarding belt) basketball and football tournament few games for youngest (Godzilla takes care of this!!!) Tekken videogame competition

Check articles about camps from 2007 and 2006 to prepare for atmosphere.

We again emphasize that place of departure is changed. We will all meet at 8:30 A.M. in front of our gym at Černý Most, pack our equipment and leave to Svatoňovice. Probable return is on Saturday (30/8) again to our gym, where we going to unpack our equipment and then go home :o)

18.8.2008, Ondřej Vrábel  
Sonkal's girls sharp as a blade

We visited our favourite place in Šárka (Prague´s forest park) on first August tuesday to prepare some exibition photos for our visitors. Despite of fact that taekwondo is non-weapon martial art, our girls enjoyed shooting with katana as you can see on 50 photos in photo gallery.

7.8.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     53 (hi-res)

Tests for black belts

We have visited black belts testing this Sunday (August 3) which was part of taekwondo summer camp with Master Hwang Ho-yong. There were 13 applicants for I. Dan, 1 for II. Dan and 2 for IV. Dan (Milan Prokeš and Věra Khunová). Results will be known soon, but you can compare skills of applicants through our photogallery.

6.8.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     165
Training camp with members of Czech national Taekwon-do Team
info package

Brand new event named Czech Summer Challenge, organized by Czech national team members, took place at Třeboň (July 27 – August 2). Despite of fact that it was first event of this kind, foreign taekwondists took part so main idea of organizing international camp came true.

This camp was focused on sport part of our martial art through intensive trainings. Trainings com

5.8.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     141

Photographing at castle Chyše

We were invited to do taekwondo show on children summer camp in Ratiboř. Six Sonkal´s black belts demonstrate all parts of taekwondo. All children went through short training dedicated to soma basic punches, kicks and self-defence.

We stopped at Chyše castle on our way back Prague to do some exibition photos. Check 41 of them in photogallery.

29.7.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     41 (hi-res)
Summer camp of Taekwon-do Academy Slovakia

Beep, beep, beep, booom. No it is not start of new Sonkal comics, but soundtrack of one Saturday morning when my alarm clock started to beep at 5 A.M. Human beings doesn’t wake up at such a hour, but taekwondists have some special characteristics :o) So we left to Brno then through czech-slovakia borders to Lom nad Rimavicou.

Invited by Karol Molnár, who was chief organizer of taekwondo summer

19.7.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     134

Sonkal's course for trainers

Instructor and trainers of our taekwondo school met on Saturday (21/6) to share their experiences and to train together. First (and hopefully not the last) trainer seminar was led by Vláďa Švanda (II. Dan) with main theme – hosinsool (self-defence). Vláďa, beside the fact, that he sings well and is able to eat 5 steaks per meal is also soldier and my opinion is that is the most educated between us regarding methodic of self-defense training. First part (pretty long one :o) was dedicated to theory, explaining the meaning of section mark 13 of penal law and answering our „practical“ questions. Then we played basketball for few minutes (it looked more like rugby, some started trying arm-bars) to warm-up and then training itself started. Basic falls, throws, bars, everything explained to details. I (limping malingerer) spent most of training watching rest of group and I have to say that I saw pretty big differences between our skills, but that is not critic, that’s the reason why we had met. What makes me happy the most was fact that even after 3 hours training everyone looked interested and happy.

So thank you Vláďa and in few weeks we going to share article and hopefully also photos from second trainers seminar.

Martin Svitek

29.6.2008, Martin Svitek  
14th junior & 23rd senior European Championship

Today we prepared first photo set from European Championship. On 95 photos you will find umpire course, visit of historical part of Porec, national team pictures, Sonkal"s girls and also small photo study of gulls :-)

Second set contains 103 photos from practical session at umpire course and pre-tournament training of Czech national team.

Results of Sonkal"s girls: Linda Deutschová - the most successful senior female 1st place Linda Deutschová - pattern senior female I. dan 2nd place Linda Deutschová - sparring senior female -75kg 2nd place Monika Junová - special techniques junior female 3rd place Monika Junová - sparring junior female -64kg 1st place team pattern senior female - Linda Deutschová 1st place team special techniques senior female - Linda Deutschová 2nd place team sparring senior female - Linda Deutschová 2nd place team pattern junior female - Monika Junová a Aneta Hemerová 2nd place team special techniques junior female - Monika Junová a Aneta Hemerová 3rd place team sparring junior female - Monika Junová a Aneta Hemerová

Third set have been added. It contains photos from 1st day (Friday) of Championship.

Fourth set with days 2 & 3 (Saturday + Sunday) have been added. There are 267 new photos. You can see 614 photos from European Championship.

4.6.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     614
1st national meeting of CYT

Saturday (May 17) was dedicated to meeting of young talents in Třeboň. 145 participants from all six talented youth organization competed in patterns, sparing, special techniques and power breaking.

Tomáš Vodička was the most successful Sonkal taekwondists and got gold from all (!) 3 categories he was nominated to (patterns, sparing and special techniques). He was also important help for our youth org. team winning gold in team special techniques. More gold medals from Sonkal team got Alexandra Reynaudová (female kids sparring -38kg) and Jirka Huml (male kids patterns 8.-7.kup).

25.5.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     277
14th junior & 23rd senior European Championship

Czech national team travels to Croatian Poreč on Adriatic coast to participate on 23. senior and 14. junior European championship.

Monika Junová will have her premiere on international competition (she will participate in special techniques, sparring -64 kg and also is member of junior female team). Aneta Hemerová will take part at her second European championship (member of junior female team and competitor in sparing -46kg). Linda Deutchová knows very well what is it to participate in such an important event, but because it is her first time in senior event, it will be also brand new experience. She is nominated for sparing -75kg, I. Dan patterns and is also member of female senior team.

Our international instructor Ondřej Vrábel also travels to Croatia to participate as referee.

We wish our girls strong will and huge pack of medals ;)

23.5.2008, Ondřej Vrábel  
Tests for color belts

Next grading in Sonkal took place in Černý Most (15/05/08). Most appliers (of total 36) were white belts and yellow stripes and highest grading was for 3.kup (blue belt with red stripe). Everyone passed his grading under the lead of master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. dan). This grading was first in accordance with new training and grading plan of Czech Taekwon-do ITF federation. We have to say that step sparing have to be practiced and skills of our students improved till next grading.

Congratulations to all participants.

21.5.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     93
European championship of other federation in Poland

On Friday May 16 we made one day trip to Wroclaw in Poland, where have been held European Championship of other european taekwon-do federation. This federation is led by Master Loboda. During our visit we made some photos of pattern and sparring competition and also some pictures from historical center of town. In following days we are going to publish photos.

Together is available 447 photos.

19.5.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     447
XXIX. Oddílové soustředění

Nearly all participants came to parking place in Baumarkt at Černý most in time. I will not name….Jarda and Dědek (grandpa), hehe. When really everyone came, we left to Borotín for next spring training camp.

After arrival and unpacking all our equipment, our bodies were tested for the first time. But I have to say that first training wasn’t so hard, but two more that day left. Second day morning training took place at nearby castle ruin, where Ondra took few great photos (check photo gallery). In the afternoon proper hard training wasted our bodies.

Only two trainings were planned for third day, but HARD trainings. We hardly survived. But

12.5.2008, SVA     287
Moravia Championship kids, juniors and seniors

We (and our photo equipment) visited Frýdek-Místek (Moravia) during first May Saturday. Local taekwondo school cooperating with Czech taekwondo ITF federation organized Moravian championship. Lot of both former and present national team members took part in this competition fighting on three tatamis. Morning part was dedicated to senior matches, kids and juniors fought after lunch.

We have 581 photos in total.

5.5.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     581
Bohemia Championship kids, juniors and seniors

We took part in Bohemian national championship in our favorite martial art as every year. We left Prague on Friday (someone sooner, someone later…). Registration was more smooth than usual what made us happy, because there were no waiting, just weighting. Then our dinner disappeared in our stomachs. I have to appreciate Mila Fulmek´s self-control and indomitable spirit, because he shared his fancy bread with us. Then our accommodation was presented by our trainers – boarding house as usual. We are used to this place so much that when we accidentally stay in different place our students reflectively go to boarding school after walk through city.

What a wonderful Saturday morning. But lot of us felt shivering through our bodies. An

14.4.2008, LLL     353
Czech Open 2008 - Info pack
kids, juniors & adults

We bring you 8 movies from Czech Open tournament, there are finals matches in pattern and sparring.

7.4.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     8
Czech Open 2008 - Info pack
kids, juniors & adults

Please, be patient we will upload all taken pictures from Czech open 2008 as soon as possible. The first part (about 37 pictures) of these pictures was taken in Třeboň during international seminar of taekwondo (27. – 28. 3. 2008) which was led by Master Hwang Ho-Yong. For more than 20 taekwondists practiced all parts of taekwondo in four training lessons.

On Friday there were black belts graduations. 16 applicants took part in the 1st and the 2nd black belts graduation.

There are 678 photos from Czech Open tournament in photogallery related to full article. Info about tournament and results Sonkal"s competitors will be available during this weekend.

Video gallery now consists 8 movies with finals matches.

31.3.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     816
Czech Open 2008 - Info pack
kids, juniors & adults

On Saturday March 29 will be held in Třeboň 4th annual international tournament Czech Open. This championship is dedicated for youth, junior and adult category. We expect very good international competition because 11 clubs from Estonia, Croatia, Greenland, Germany, Netherland, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine already applied. 19 Czech clubs also applied and together will compete in Třeboň 275 taekwondists.

21.3.2008, Ondřej Vrábel  
I. Prague's regional competition

Taekwon-do ITF school Sonkal and Petřiny South primary school hosted Prague local competition on March 15. Duels in Tul (patterns), Matsogi (sparing), T-ki (special flying techniques) and Wirok (power breaking) were done in spirit of fair-play. Total numbers of competitors were 144 from 9 schools (44 seniors, 52 juniors and 38 kids).

Competition itself started at half past nine and all our students competed with brave hearts. And I have to s

19.3.2008, SVA     172

Taekwon-do demonstration

Translation will be available later.

15.2.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     52

Budweis Fight Cup
22.1.2008, Ondřej Vrábel     156
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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